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by Colorisi

Colorisi Blush 02 - Juliet

29.49 $
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The COLORISI natural blush has an excellent hold for a sublimated and structured complexion.

Its formula based on extracts of coffee, corn, macadamia oil and apricot, brings radiance and hydration to the skin.

COLORISI blush has a silky, satin texture, well pigmented for a radiant complexion.

Available in 3 refillable shades

The Colorisi blush is the ally of women for an immediate healthy glow effect. It is used in rechargeable boxes

Colorisi's 02 JULIETTE blush is matte and slightly shiny.

The color of Colorisi blush is chosen according to your skin tone, light shades will choose a pink bush when darker skin will favor a darker or orange shade.

The blush can also be associated with the color of the lipstick for a better harmony in the makeup.

The simplest technique to apply your blush is to force your smile in front of the mirror and to apply with a blush brush the material on the most prominent point of the cheekbones.

Then just stretch the blush powder backwards.

The blush really applies to the cheekbones to enhance her makeup.


The blushers are used in refillable boxes thanks to their ingenious magnetic system. Then all you have to do is slip a small pin into the notches to reshape your palette or replace your eyeshadow.

M enclosures can contain:

- 1 blusher.

L boxes can contain:

- 2 blushes


- 2 eye shadows combined with 1 blusher or 1 compact powder



Plant origin. Coffee owes its main properties to its concentration of chlorogenic acid. This is a family of esters recognized as antioxidants. Coffee supports the formation of collagen, elastin and GAGs in the extracellular matrix, it also improves the physiological balance of the skin.


Plant origin. Powder obtained from corn. Corn starch promotes the adhesion of powders to the skin and leaves a matte finish on the skin by absorbing moisture. The skin is soft and velvety.


Plant origin. This babassu butter is obtained from the seeds of the Babassu palm, native to South America. It quickly penetrates the epidermis, facilitates the application of cosmetic products and leaves a thin protective film on the skin without feeling greasy in order to protect against external aggressions.


Plant origin. Extracted from apricot kernels, apricot oil and wax have emollient, nourishing and softening properties. The oil is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins A and E which gives it anti-aging properties, brightens the complexion and restores skin tone. The wax, on the other hand, will have firming, moisturizing and emollient properties.

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