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by Colorisi

Colorisi Eyeliner 01 - Black

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The Colorisi eyeliner applied with delicacy opens the eyes and gives a sophisticated look to your make-up.

The fluid and covering texture of the Colorisi liner makes it easy to apply.

Thanks to its formula rich in pigments, the Colorisi liner keeps an impeccable line all day and the color does not fade.

Suitable for contact lens wearers.


Thanks to its fine and precise felt tip, the Colorisi liner is easily applied, to the nearest millimeter on the eyelashes. Its technical application will be facilitated if you are seated, leaning on a table.

Start from the inner corner of the eye then stretch the material towards the outer corner of the eye.

Then 2mm from the corner of the eye, leave the natural shape of the eye to slightly raise the line of liner.

Dotted application first and then connecting the dots will allow easier and more precise application when you are not yet used to applying liner.



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