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by Colorisi

Colorisi Eyeshadow 06 - Pearlescent - Viennese

19.49 $
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Eyeshadow is the ally of all women wishing to reveal the beauty of their eyes. The eyeshadows in the Colorisi range are available in 5 matte shades and 10 pearly shades and are used in refillable cases.

The Colorisi 06 Viennois eyeshadow has a pearly finish.

Matte eye shadows can give depth to the look and discreetly sublimate women's eyes. Pearly shadows illuminate their eyes


Eye shadows emphasize the expression of the eyes. Do not hesitate to mix the shades to play with the colors and reinforce the contrasts.

The lighter shades are applied mainly inside the mobile eyelid and under the eyebrow, and the darker shades on the outside.

The eye brushes allow you to delicately apply shadows, mix them and blend them.

The eyeshadows are used in cardboard boxes that are 100% recycled and compostable after use to aim for zero waste. They are lightweight and durable for ease of use. They can be inserted into our Colorisi makeup palettes for more choice and flexibility.


The COLORISI Palette Size XL, allows you to compose your own makeup palette. The Size XL palette has a reinforced closure to be able to take it everywhere and a large mirror. It may contain:

- up to 12 eyeshadows to choose from

- up to 6 blush, illuminator, compact powder, finishing powder or Terracotta 8gr

- up to 3 Terracotta 16gr

Now you can keep and reuse your box.



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