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by Colorisi

Colorisi Lipstick 05 - Vine Peach REFILL

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The lipstick sublimates the lips of women and finishes the make-up. Colorisi lipsticks rich in pigments are offered in shades of red, from bright red to coral, passing through pink and pinkish beige.

The Colorisi 05 Peach de Vigne lipstick is covering with a matte finish.

The Colorisi range offers mainly covering lipsticks, matte or pearly in color, with excellent long-lasting hold and some will be more transparent for easy make-up.

The active ingredients of Colorisi lipsticks such as Candelilla wax give the creamy and fluid aspect to the lipsticks while protecting the lips.


After applying a moisturizing balm to the lips, outline the lips with a pencil in the color of the lipstick to be applied.

Apply with a brush the lipstick starting from the center, then on the sides of the lips. Pinch lips together to even out color.

Finally, in order to accentuate the color, apply the grape of the lipstick directly to the mouth.

However, it is possible to apply the lipstick directly to the lips with the raisin for simplicity.



Plant origin. Coffee owes its main properties to its concentration of chlorogenic acid. This is a family of esters recognized as antioxidants. Coffee supports the formation of collagen, elastin and GAGs in the extracellular matrix, it also improves the physiological balance of the skin.


Plant origin. The Candelilla plant grows in the desert areas of northern Mexico and the wax is extracted from the leaves of this shrub. Candelilla wax is hard, brittle, which makes it possible to give solidity to make-up products such as lipsticks and to make them more resistant to heat. It also protects the skin and replenishes it.


Plant origin. This rare oil lays like a caress on the skin and provides a light protective veil, like a second skin. This oil also helps regulate skin hydration and helps maintain the integrity of the skin barrier, thus protecting against environmental factors such as pollution and UV rays. It reduces the dryness of the skin and regulates the desquamation of the stratum corneum. It also promotes cell renewal in the basal layer by stimulating the regeneration process of the skin. Its main cosmetic properties are to improve the intensity of the colors and the dispersion of the product, to give a long-lasting effect and to increase the cohesion and the elasticity of the skin and mainly on the lips.


Plant origin. Extracted from apricot kernels, apricot oil and wax have emollient, nourishing and softening properties. The oil is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins A and E which gives it anti-aging properties, brightens the complexion and restores skin tone. The wax, on the other hand, will have firming, moisturizing and emollient properties.

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