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by Colorisi

Colorisi Mascara 01 - Black

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Colorisi mascara highlights the eyes by coloring the eyelashes to give them more length or volume. The mascara from the Colorisi range gives volume to the eyelashes for an intense look.

Available in black, the Colorisi mascara coats the eyelashes, thickens them and opens the eyes.

The eyelashes are intensified, separated without a clump effect and the look is enhanced.


From the first application, the volume is instantaneous. Colorisi mascara is applied from the root of the eyelashes to the tip, from bottom to top, then vice versa for the eyelashes at the bottom of the eye.

The fine brush of Colorisi mascara combined with its formula rich in natural sheathing waxes coats and thickens each lash.

A second zigzag pass over the eyelashes intensifies the volume result.



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