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DermoIoniq Nutritive Moisturizer 50ml

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▪️ Offers intense hydration and nutrition to the skin
▪️ Increases tone
▪️ Reduces wrinkles
▪️ Replenishes and redensifies the skin
▪️ Revives the radiance of the complexion
Rich in nourishing and revitalizing active ingredients, the skin is nourished daily to prevent dehydration and the appearance of signs of aging. The complexion regains a real radiance, the skin appears less tired and more toned.

The Nutritive Moisturizing Cream is rich in nourishing and revitalizing active ingredients. The skin is strengthened, protected and nourished daily to prevent dehydration and the appearance of signs of aging. Intensely hydrated and nourished, the skin is more beautiful, toned and redensified. Day after day, wrinkles are reduced. The complexion regains a real radiance.

▪️ HN7C™, the caviar of anti-aging , major innovation from DERMO IONIQ, the HN7C™ (High Nutrition collagen), a unique bioactive complex composed of 7 molecular weights of collagen, required 10 years of research, development and clinical tests to achieve impeccable effectiveness. Extracted and produced in a 100% responsible approach, cost-effective and 100% traceable. Collagen HN7C™ is exceptional, unique, 100% natural and +99% pure and it is characterized by a strong nutritional power which accelerates cell renewal twice as quickly. At the heart of DERMO IONIQ treatments, it simultaneously acts on the elasticity, regeneration and youthfulness of the skin.

▪️ The Salicornia , provides intense hydration.

▪️ Oligofurcellarane strengthens skin hydration and stimulates the synthesis of natural hyaluronic acid. These moisturizing effects are intensified by an immediate supply of hyaluronic acid and trace elements necessary for the vitality of the skin.

▪️ Apple oil nourishes the skin thanks to linoleic acid, essential for the skin.

Apply morning and/or evening, from the inside out, to the face and neck.

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