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DermoIoniq Anti-Imperfection Program 30 days 1x10ml, 4x5ml

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▪️ Totally reconnects the skin
▪️ Evens out the complexion
▪️ Revives the radiance of the complexion in just a few weeks
▪️ Offers dual action: prevention of spots and anti-aging

The Anti-Imperfection treatment evens out the complexion of your face, neckline and hands. This intense rebalancing treatment corrects skin irregularities and spots. The skin becomes even and the complexion radiant. The 30-day Anti-Imperfection treatment consists of 4 bottles of 5ml of Anti-Imperfection Serum and a bottle of 10ml Dermo Active Cream.

*90% have a luminous complexion thanks to the treatment

This month-long ritual consisting of four serums and a cream provides visible results. Your skin is completely reconnected. Your complexion becomes even and radiant in just a few weeks.

THE Anti-Imperfection Serum evens out your skin tone by acting deep within the epidermis. With the sun, your skin is no longer supplied with melanin and undergoes a change in complexion. The serum will redo the connection and guarantee a return to the initial color. Your complexion becomes brighter and more even. All spots are also targeted and reduced: stress spots, age spots or those linked to sun exposure. The serum creates a protective barrier which increases the mechanism of sirtuins, true sources of cell longevity.

There Dermo Active Cream combines perfectly with the action of the serum by boosting its effects. The synergy between the cream and the serum is total. Very quickly, the active ingredients play a soothing role, accelerating the restructuring of the dermis and regenerating the skin.


 HN7C™, the anti-aging caviar, major innovation from DERMO IONIQ, HN7C™ (High Nutrition collagen), a unique bioactive complex composed of 7 molecular weights of collagen, required 10 years of research, development and clinical tests to achieve impeccable effectiveness. Extracted and produced in a 100% responsible approach, cost-effective and 100% traceable. HN7C™ collagen is exceptional, unique, 100% natural and +99% pure and it is characterized by a strong nutritional power which accelerates cell renewal twice as quickly. At the heart of DERMO IONIQ treatments, it simultaneously acts on the elasticity, regeneration and youthfulness of the skin.

 The Balloonvine extract is rich in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, redensifies the damaged skin barrier and reduces inflammatory processes.

 Polysaccharides have anti-aging properties. The active ingredient immediately soothes, hydrates and restructures.

 Pomegranate vegetable oil is rich in punic acid and has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

 The Flowers of Sophora Japonica prevents the acceleration of aging and stimulates the antioxidant self-defense system as well as the dermo-epidermal regeneration systems.

 Marine spring water results from the resurgence of fresh water sources in the marine environment. This water is used for its composition, which is often more stable in trace elements than that of sea water. They are believed to have the virtue of strengthening the skin barrier and having immuno-cosmetic actions thanks to the presence of microbial fragments. marine fauna and flora.

The Anti-Imperfection Treatment has everything to please with its light and delicate texture, and a neutral natural fragrance.

1. Clean your skin carefully and gently

2. Place a dab of cream on your hand, add 1 pump of serum and mix lightly.

3. Massage the affected area until complete penetration. Absorbed by the skin almost instantly, it leaves no greasy stain on the skin. Immediately after application, which lasts about a minute, the skin is adorned with incomparable softness, without a frozen effect.

Application once a day:

• It is applied in the evening to act on the reduction of brown spots.

• To soothe inflammation and even out your complexion, you will use it in the morning.

Treatment renewal: To obtain visible results, it is recommended to use the Anti-imperfection Treatment for a period of 3 months. If necessary, wait a month before repeating the treatment.

Effective, it prolongs the effects of treatments carried out by a dermatologist or aesthetic doctor. The Anti-imperfection Treatment is a medical device which is part of the continuity of medical-aesthetic procedures: LED or pigment laser session, reduction of the epidermal pregnancy mask, cryotherapy treatment, etc.

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