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by Simone MAHLER

Simone Mahler Jamb' Tonic gel 150ml

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To relieve the feeling of heavy legs by draining and improving micro-circulation for an immediate and lasting freshness effect.

Immediate results for more lightness!

• Relieves the feeling of heavy legs
• Cooling effect
• Feeling of comfort and lightness
• Draining and disinfiltrating action

For what types of circulatory problems?

• To relieve the side effects of circulatory problems:
• Swollen ankles, overheating of the soles of the feet, feeling of heavy legs...
•For all people who have a long-term stationary activity, standing or sitting, in lack of physical activity because circulatory problems and water retention are more important.

Draining and disinfiltrating active ingredients for heavy legs

• Arnica, camphor and bitter orange promote drainage by stimulating cutaneous micro-circulation and thus limiting congestion. A draining and disinfiltrating action to relieve the feeling of heavy legs.
• Pine buds and menthol create a cooling effect for a feeling of comfort and lightness

The recommendations

• Use upward maneuvers from the soles of the feet to the top of the thighs
• Can be applied under tights for an even more intense and lasting feeling of freshness
• Wash hands after use
• For more hydration, use Satin d'orient oil in addition
• Do not use on pregnant or breastfeeding women.
• Do not use on children.

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