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by Simone MAHLER

Simone Mahler Eye Corrector 15ml

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A concealer and anti-puffiness illuminator

• The Eye Corrector contains a combination of patented active ingredients (Matrikines, Albizia Extract), a red Algae extract and encapsulated corrective pigments, selected for:
o Reduce the appearance of dark circles and visibly reduce puffiness

o Smooth lines and fade signs of fatigue
o Unify and illuminate the eye contour area
o For a look as refreshed and radiant!

Encapsulated corrective pigments to reduce dark circles and puffiness

4 encapsulated corrective pigments
• White: "light" effect - Yellow: "energy" effect - Red: "fresh" effect - Black: "natural" finish
• These pigments are introduced into capsules composed of sugars which break and release their contents at the time of application for a unified and luminous eye contour.

With albizia or silk tree extract
• To detoxify and strengthen cellular energy
• Improves microcirculation and stimulates the production of ATP by cells
• Helps in the elimination of damaged proteins
• Refreshed, the eye contour is brighter


• Recommended at any age in the morning (and evening), daily or before makeup
• Use morning and evening after removing your make-up with your favorite Simone Mahler eye make-up remover, then apply using the applicator tip, in small dabs on dark circles and puffiness, even on crow's feet.
• Still using the applicator tip, lightly smooth under the eyes (from the inside out) and on the temples.
• Penetrate the excess by tapping and smoothing with the pulp of the fingers
Important: do not apply on the mobile eyelid

For more results or an instant boost, use biocellulose eye patches twice a week for 20 minutes. They will provide you with an immediate smoothing and decongestant action.

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